Soy Milk Wine Filter Bag Nut Milk Bag Tea Coffee Oil Yogurt Filter Net Mesh Kitchen Food Reusable Nylon Filter Bags Strainer

We can make custom made size, If you have special demand of different bag size and mesh size, please contact with us !

How to choose the Mesh Size:

100mesh 150 microns (μm) : For Beer Homebrew Filter, Soy milk, wine residue, enzymes, honey, vegetable juice

200mesh 75 microns (μm): For Tea, milk, yogurt, coffee, oil

300mesh 48 micrometers (μm): For Tap water filtration, wine, liquor, enzymes

500mesh 25 micrometers (μm), suitable for filtering fine wine, fine precipitation of cold wine, cold water precipitation, etc.(High precision filter for all)


Function: Reusable filter bags
(tea, coffee, cereal, milk, juice, wine, brew)
Material: food grade nylon
Color: white

Warm Tips:
1. (+ -1~3 cm, there may be slight differences between manual and different batches.)
2. Advantages: food grade nylon, high/low temperature resistance, leaching slip
3. Principle: solid-liquid separation

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