Pure Natural Herbal Medicine Lip Black Removal Lip Balm Eliminate Uneven Darkness on Lips Treatment Fast Results Lip Care

The description:

Moisturizing Lip Balm for Lip has enhanced potency to gradually and quickly lighten dark or pigmented lips. Gently exfoliate lips with lip / face scrub, rinse, pat dry and apply lip balm as best as possible at night.
-Regular moisturizing lip gloss or petroleum jelly / petroleum jelly can be used during the day, especially when the lips are peeling or dry.
-Always keep lips hydrated to avoid excessive dryness.
-you may notice gradual peeling / peeling of the lips, do not force the peeling.
- Always keep lips hydrated to maintain moisture and lip color.
-Depending on the pigmentation of the lips, the results are best within 3 to 6 weeks.
-Regular smokers may not get the desired results if they smoke constantly. use will require 3–6 bottles to achieve desired long lasting color.
-Results may differ in people depending on skin or pigmentation.

-Our natural lip balm is safe to use on the lips. However, gently wipe off any lip balm residue with a soft cloth, towel or handkerchief when eating, kissing, etc. to avoid constant ingestion.

- Discontinue use in the event of allergic reactions.

Package Included:

1 * lip balm

How to use :
Pat your lip dry, apply some blam before bed.
Wake up, clean your lips and apply blam in during the day (Morning — Evening)

About the product
Remove dark lips for more light and pink. Quick result in 3–4 weeks. You smoke, or congenital … these articles help you !!
Dark lips of the smoke, see the result in about 25 days.
Dark lips of congenital origin, see result within about 30 days.
Dark lips from other causes such as sunlight, chemical allergies, lipstick allergies see result within about 25 days.

Note : If the mouth is very black It is necessary to use continuously in order to get good results. The result depends on the nature of the skin.

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