Electric Nasal Irrigation System with 50 SaltPods Powered Suction Irrigator Nose Cleaner Sinus Rinse All-Round Deep Nose Washer

Electric Nasal Irrigation System with 50 SaltPods Powered Suction Irrigator Sinus Rinse Nose Cleaner Washer All-Round Deep Cleaning Nose Care for Adults Kids

Intended for saline nasal irrigation to help relieve sinus congestion and stuffiness due to sinusitis, allergies, colds, flu, dry air, dust and pollution.

How it Works:

Use powered suction to pull refreshing saline from the upper tank into one nostril, then goes around the back of your nose, and out from the other nostril, finally flows into the waste liquid tank


Breathe better, sleep better with Nasal Power Suction Nasal Irrigator.

A deep circular cleansing around your nose within 10 seconds.

* Flush saline into deep areas in noses to remove nasal discharge and airborne particles and relieve inflammation.

* The vacuum pump helps reduce the pressure on noses during rinsing and the risks of getting otitis media with the gentle flow.

* Drug-free, 10 seconds all-around rinsing.

* Large capacity tanks, easy and efficient to clean.

* Automatic waste liquid separation design, clean and hygienic.

* Monitoring Sticker available for formulating the saline at the right temperature.

Salt water configuration method

1. Take 1 bag of nasal wash salt, add it to 200ml of warm water, it can be configured into isotonic saline with a concentration of about 0.9%

2. Take 2 bags of nasal wash salt, add it to 200ml of warm water, it can be configured into hypertonic saline with a concentration of about 2%

When the measuring cup shows 2–3 “OK”, it means the water’s temperature is suitable


Children above 12 years old use the devices under the physician’s guidance. Adults use the devices following the instructions.

Operate Steps:

1. Open the tank cover and add the prepared cleaning solution.Be careful not to exceed the maximum mark for the cleaning solution.

2. Stand upright and slightly lift your chin. After the machine is flat, tilt the nose plug head slightly downward. Put the front end of the nose plug head completely into the nostrils, and tighten it with a little force.

3. Take a deep breath with your mouth (inhale deeply and fully), close your nose, press the switch to start cleaning, and then you can open your mouth to breathe naturally after seeing the liquid flowing into the waste water tank.

4. After the upper water tank cleaning solution is used up, the device will continue to run for 3–5 seconds, which will help to drain the liquid in the nasal cavity, and then release the key switch to turn off the device.

5. If necessary, re-add the cleaning solution, rotate the nose head 180 degrees, and adjust the water to the other nostril to clean the nasal cavity.


If you experience pain during use, stop immediately. If the pain continues, consult a health care professional. Consult your doctor before use if you have had ear or nose surgery in the past 6 months. Do not use if you have an ear infection or if your ears are blocked. Do not use if your nasal passages are completely blocked, you could create pressure and solution retention inside the nasal or sinus cavities, causing adverse symptoms in the ears. Ear popping and fullness are rare but known side effects of nasal irrigation that typically resolve on their own in a short time. Consult a health care practitioner if you are using to relieve congestion and there is no improvement after use; if your symptoms persist or worsen; if you have a persistently thick and yellow or green discharge; if skin at the base of the nostrils becomes raw or crusted. Terminate use if no saline appears in the lower tank after 60 seconds. Do not use continuously for longer than 1 minutes each time. Clean the device after each use according to the instructions in the Owner’s Manual. Using the product with illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs except when prescribed by a physician is prohibited, may damage the device, voids the warranty, and may cause serious injury. Use only as indicated in the instructions provided or as directed by a health care practitioner. Consult your physician if you have questions or concerns about whether or not you should irrigate.

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