Dukharo 66 VN66 65% Rotary Knob 3 Mode Wireless Mechanical Keyboard kit hot swappable switch lighting effect RGB type c 2.4G BT

Dukharo 66 Kit(3 Mode Edition)

Pls pay attention: To avoid damaging PCB hot swapping sockets, pls make sure your switches’ pin is vertical , and you’d better not using used key switches with soldering tin. All Option doesnt include Keycaps, and if you order Barebone option, you will get Dukharo 66 Kit without Switch and Keycap.

Any Option doesnt include Keycap. Barebone Option doesnt include Keycap and Switch.

This kit is not a Gasket Mounted Type.

The Left Ctrl Green Led on means the battery is charging, after the battery is 100%, the green led will change to nomral RGB mode.

When you first connect with 2.4G Mode, pls switch battery button(at bottom of case) on first, then press FN+R for 3 sec to make sure the R key green LED is twinkling, then plug 2.4G Adapter in, VN66 will matches the adapter automatically .

Pls dont plug 2.4G Adapter in before you press FN+R, otherwise VN66 cant find it.

Dukharo Barebone Edition=Kukharo Kit Only(without Keycap and switch)

Dukharo Gateron Switch Edition=Barebone Edition+Gateron Switch x70

Dukharo Software :pls click this link:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1W_gEDvrQ4U2cU7-NQ7ChMHBhihs1utPG

You can buy this from {link}



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