BSIDE New Digital Multimeter Smart Pen Tester Autoranging 6000 DC AC Voltage Capacitance Ohm NCV Hz Diode Continuity Live Meter

Product introduction:

This products belong to the latest generation of BSIDE brand smart Pen-shaped multimeter!

The 1.9-inch EBTN display design leaves an excellent user experience for buyers;The easy-to use/Single Button to Switch design is well recognized by buyers.

Equipped with a High-quality cloth bag made of EVA material, it is very portable.

Exquisite appearance / reliable performance / complete functions, can meet the needs of different groups of people, and is very suitable as gift.

The video of installing batteries for Z5:

Product Details:

Max Display: 6000 counts.

True RMS

Display Type: EBTN screen.

Screen: 1.9 inch.

DC Voltage: 0.1V-600V ±(0.8%+3); Resolution: 0.001V.

AC Voltage: 0.1V-600V ±(1.2%+5); Resolution: 0.001V.

Resistance: 0.1Ω-10MΩ ±(1.2%+3), 10MΩ-60MΩ ±(2.0%+10); Resolution: 0.1Ω

Capacitance: 1nF-1.00mF ±(3.5%+8), 1mF-60.00mF ±(4.5%+10); Resolution: 0.001nF

Frequency: 10Hz-10MHz ±(2.0%+10) (ACV: 3V-600V); Resolution: 0.1Hz

Diode: Auto identify diode if less than 3.0V.

V-Alert(non-contact voltage detection): alarm beep sounds, LCD screen display stripe.

Live Check: alarm beep sounds, LCD screen display stripe.

Continuity: If the resistance is less than 50Ω, the beeper sounds.

Power: 2*1.5V AAA battery

Size: 185*22*22mm.

Weight: 52g.

Package Includes:

1 * Z5 Ultra-portable Multimeter. 1 * Test Lead.

1 * EVA portable cloth bag. 1 * screwdriver.

1 * Alligator clip. 1 * User Manual.

1 * Packing Box. 1 * Quality Certificate.

You can buy this from {link}



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